Find your Wings in Haiti

In 2016, I began teaching ballet and jazz to the students that attend Sonlight Academy in Port de Paix, Haiti. In 2016 I taught 1st/2nd and 7th/8th grade after-school in the second-floor space of the primary school. One morning as students were preparing to start school, a first-grade girl tapped me politely on the shoulder. As I turned to look at her she stood tall with her feet turned out in ballet first position, her arms held high, rounded over her head, and the brightest smile filled with a piece of personal empowerment, reflecting "Look at how beautiful, smart, and talented I am!"


My second year in Port de Paix, 2017, I taught 1st through 6th during their recess 2 days of the week and the 7th/8th and 9th-12th 2 days a week after school at the larger space at the Sonlight college next door. I was trying to get a step closer to where and how I wanted the opportunity for dance education to be available to the students and if there were a need and desire for it. The 8th-grade students took a survey about dance classes and 100% said they would take a weekly class if it was offered to them! 


2018 - What another wonderful year of teaching dance at Sonlight Academy. Kindergarten through 10th-grade students took dance classes held in the auditorium space at Sonlight's college.


2020 - On the horizon! Headed to Haiti in October.


I have many more stories to share, please come back and visit this page!







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